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My name is Latisha Strong.  I am a certified Lay Biblical Counselor.  I got to this place in my life via a very bumpy road. 

I was born to parents who were both in prison before I was 2 years old.   I didn't know my parents or siblings until I began to hear from them when I was twelve years old.  Some of my siblings I have not met to this day.  I know what it means to feel abandonment.  I was raised by a neighbor who did her very best but did not protect me from her son who was a pedophile.  So I know about abuse.   I was on the road to self-destruction when I ran into Christ.  I can truly say that that collision with Jesus Christ saved my life!

Through Jesus I found joy and peace.  I realized that my life was not just a bad combination of coincidences but a purposeful sequence of events.  I know that God allowed me to experience abandonment, abuse, addictions, depression, suicidal thoughts, promiscuity for a reason.  I believe this reason was so that I'd be able to help others who've experienced the same.  I know that He can heal you no matter how damaged you think you are.

I never really talked to my mother before she died in a mental institution when I was 25 years old.  So I do not know why she named me Latisha.  I was told that she saw a movie in which the main character's name was Latisha and she thought it was a pretty name so therefore she gave me the name. Through the years I learned that my name came from the Latin word Laetitia which means Joy.  But it was years before I experienced much joy in my life.

It was not until age 35 that I began to understand why Jesus is called Jehovah Shalom.  He gave me peace that stays with me regardless of my circumstances and situations.  He gave me joy, unspeakable joy just like is described in the Bible.  Once I found this joy, I knew I had to share it with others like myself who were hurting.  And that is why I am here. So if you've been feeling down and need a shot of Joy, you're at the right place. Let me walk you through what the Bible has to offer from the Creator and Giver of Joy!

Joyfully submitted,